Efficient data management

Up-to-date product and customer data are an important basis for successful online sales in the long term. It is advisable to manage these data centrally, particularly for multi-channel scenarios, so that they remain consistent and up-to-date at all times and across all channels.

Generally speaking, the costs and time expended by the shop operator grow in line with the volume of data and the number of sales channels. The OXID Platform manages to walk this tightrope without any loss of performance. Using an intelligent product information system, items can be presented appealingly and in a customer-friendly way without great effort, and all data can be kept fully up-to-date.

An intuitively operated content management system makes it easier to manage items without any special programming skills being required by the user.


Efficient and intelligent

  • PIM integration. Consistent and centralized product data
  • Intelligent search and navigation
  • Easy product and offer administration

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